Alum Bay and the Needles

Isle of Wight


 The Needles

Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them.

Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible). The maker of the card is shown in brackets (where available).

All pictures on this page are from my own collection, but are not my copyright. If you wish to repost or reuse them would you please out of courtesy let me know.

A rather romantic card of the Needles, probably about 1910

A very early card of the Needles dated 1903. At this time messages could not be written on the back of postcards. (Tuck)

Needles 1904 also showing the battery. (Stengel)

Needles and the Battery about 1920.

A later similar view, showing the Coastguard buiding (now National Coastwatch).(Merwood)

Scratchells Bay from the west, the Needles would 

have been behind the photographer. Dated 1917. (Hartmann)

Taken from Scratchell's Bay, card dated 1923. The boat was 

used to reach the beach, as it cannot be reached in any other way. (Sweetman)

An early Arial view of the Needles. (Photo Precision)

The Needles lighthouse from the sea, probably during the 1950's, note the crane on the left used when it was being provisioned. (Nigh)

An illustration showing the original needles Rock (Lot's Wife) which fell into the sea in 1764.

The Needles looking across Alum Bay, 1932 (Sweetman)

An early card of the needle by night, dated 1904. (Tuck)

Another night view, 1934

Alum Bay

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